David Marshall

Welcome to my home page!  I hope that you will click on the links provided to get a chance to know more about me and my artistic endeavors.

Brief History
I've been living, singing and playing the guitar in and around the NH Seacoast since arriving at the University of NH in 1986. Influences such as Grateful Dead, Paul Simon, Greg Brown, Bill Morissey, Martin Sexton and Led Zepplin have driven me to create music and write lyrics. Over the years, I've been involved in various incarnations of musical groups including Still Thinking, Ollie & the Patriots, and Raisin Toast. Work on my first solo CD, David Marshall with a Little Big Chicken, led to the formation of the band Big Chicken. Since 1998, I have been playing solo performances, developing my singing, and building and equipping a new recording studio. I look forward to getting immersed in recording, producing and engineering.