"Produced by David Marshall and Todd Jones of Meadowlark Studios, the CD sounds great and is full of good tunes. These songs are about love and loss and traveling and trains, well covered turf but pulled off beautifully by Marshall and the whole Big Chicken crew. Marshall's voice is rich and soulful, at times reminding one of a country tinged Cat Stevens. This is all complimented by his excellent electric and acoustic guitar playing. " Jon McCormack, Foster's Daily Democrat 

"David Marshall with a Little Big Chicken is one of those rare works without filler. The worst of these songs will make your toes tap. The best will make you punch the replay button." Bernie Green, Face Magazine 

David Marshall with a little Big Chicken features 12 original songs by New Hampshire singer/songwriter David Marshall. Produced by the artist and Todd Jones of Meadowlark Studios in Dover NH, the CD's songs are arranged with a variety of instruments and focus on the genre of roots-rock. Many NH Seacoast musicians performed on the CD and the project was responsible for the formation of the popular band Big Chicken.

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