In the Spring of 1995, I competed in a business plan contest while attending Graduate school at the University of New Hampshire’s Whitemore Business School. My goal was to combine the business skills I was developing with my passion for music to assist musicians in the NH Seacoast area to produce and promote original recordings. Named in memory of my family’s well-loved golden retriever, Kirby, Fat Cuz Records was designed conceptually as a musicians' collaborative. Inherent to the soul of the company is the idea that individual artists and bands can benefit through leveraging their combined creative and marketing resources. The judges of the competition validated the plan for Fat Cuz Records as I walked away with the 1st place prize.

The growth of the internet makes this idea of a collaborative more valid.  The web is an ideal channel of distribution for the independent artist. In the past, distribution of recordings was a primary stumbling block for musicians and small record labels. Web sites such as this one allow artists to sell directly to consumers. It is my belief that as the number of artists on the Fat Cuz Label and web site grow each individual artist will benefit by increased exposure.

The newly completed studio, located in Barrington, NH, provides a great opportunity for collaboration. With connections to many area musicians, Fat Cuz Records can assist individuals with the proper arrangement and production of original recordings. I look forward to being involved in many recordings. I am willing to lend my production and arrangement ideas, voice, and instruments to help others achieve their goals.

David Marshall